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Iconize is a program to minimize any application to the system tray
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Brooks Younce Software

Iconize is a small freeware product developed by "Brooks Younce Software". It provides the user with the ability to minimize any program to the system tray, even those which don't support docking can be minimized. The system tray is located at the right bottom corner of the Windows taskbar, or at the bottom of the taskbar if it is positioned vertically. By minimizing applications that you are not using, you are saving the desktop space for more active applications and making your desktop cleaner and more organized. The installation process is very easy to perform. While installing, you will be prompted to choose whether to start the application during start-up or not. This utility works on Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista platforms without any problems. Once it have been installed, there appears a nice tray icon in the system tray. When clicking on it with the right button of the mouse, you will see the pop-up menu through which you will be able to minimize, restore or close all programs. It will also show you a list of currently running programs so you can click on any of them to minimize. In order to undock, restore, maximize or exit a minimized application, just do a right click on its icon on the system tray and select the required action or you can double click on the minimized application with the left button of the mouse and it will be undocked.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Easily accessed through a system tray icon
  • Ability to minimize all windows


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